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Dr. Bruce Sigurd Heischober, known as Dr. Bruce, born May 8, 1955, is a Board certified[1] medical doctor specializing in emergency and internal medicine. He also has published several works on substance abuse.

He graduated from Loma Linda University in 1979.[1]

Dr Bruce is referred to as "Dr. Spaz" by Adam Carolla, who also describes him using the expression "good lenses, bad frames," meaning he considers him competent and skilled even if he may appear foolish. This label from Carolla is due to Bruce often becoming flustered while talking on air. A lengthy discussion on This Life with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest explored this and determined it was largely induced by Adam's overt bullying, as Bruce rarely has this issue when Adam isn't around. Bruce famously described Adam as an "narcissistic aspergerian" which other medical professionals have felt was pretty spot on.

Published work[]

Journal publications[]

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