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Lindsey Kay Floyd is a phone screener at Loveline.  A polar opposite of her predecessor, Krista, callers have complimented her on air for being kind and understanding to them. She worked for Loveline all the way to the very last show in 2016

Mike and Drew interviewed her several times on their podcast, talking about her "nerdier" interests such as renaissance faires and gaming.  Due to Mike and Drew's "jock" type personalities, they seemed utterly bewildered by these activities. 

In 2014, Lindsey and Rhune started their own podcast, The Pretty Oddcast, where the two of them participate in "odd" or "fringe" subcultures and talk about their experiences.  The first episode featured them participating in a LARP, which had been discussed in the aforementioned interview.  This led to Mike mistakenly referring to her as a "LARPer" on air, even though she only did it once for the show.

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