Rhune Kincaid (born 1980) was Loveline's webmaster and video director from July, 2012 to March, 2015.  He was the primary operator of the show's facebook page, twitter account, and other online media outlets.  As video director, he handled the live video stream of the show via Ustream, including switching and operating the cameras during live broadcasts.  He also produced and filmed various humorous videos for the show's site, such as Loveline High Five and highlights of the show with added effects.

Rhune is a also a singer/songwriter and stand-up comedian, and primarily does musical comedy.  His works include Coppin’ a Feel, iPhone, Hetero-Strike, and Not-So-Great Depression. He also hosts an independent podcast, The Pretty Oddcast, with phone-screener Lindsey.

In early March 2015, shortly after Loveline moved to a new studio that did not have video streaming capability, Rhune was abruptly let go from the Loveline team. Not surprisingly, without him all social media and website activity for the show ground to a halt, with many fans uncertain what had happened and unable to get up to date information about the show. Loveline's social media presence never quite recovered until the shows eventual end in 2016, with the website remaining out of date and only the twitter feed posting updates.

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