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Rudy Cisneros is a fictional character created and portrayed by Mike Catherwood. A lot of the character was inspired by the cholo subculture in southern California, and with Catherwood's own half-Mexican background. In April 2015, Mike mentioned that he has a real life uncle named Rudy that he based the character's voice on.

Rudy is a 37 year old Mexican-American from Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. He is married to a woman who goes by the street name "Sad Girl," though her real name is Beatrice. He has an indeterminate number of children, some of unclear paternity. His grandmother (who's real name is Rose, though he calls her Abuelita) also lives with him and his wife.

He was released from a 14 year prison sentence a few years ago and is now currently on parole. His exact crimes have never been clearly established, but include manslaughter, assault, and drug possession. His connection to the show is explained as him being a long time friend of Catherwood, who invited him down to his place of work, where he now hangs out in the parking lot keeping splosers at a safe distance and occasionally smoking marijuana.

Rudy often speaks to callers on the matter of anal sex, drawing on his own experience of having be raped in prison by his cell-mate, Trucha ("trout"). He suffered a rectal prolapse as a result, which he describes as looking like boxer's "cauliflower ear" or a "prawn from red lobster." He also is called in to instruct male callers on how to properly shave their pubic hair, which involves a complex ritual that includes a straight-razor or Schick Quattro, Kiehl's honey-almond lotion (much to Drew's amusement), and Clubman talcum powder.

When facing some more difficult medical problems that callers have, Rudy often suggests a folk remedy he learned from his grandmother. Many of these are strange or outright dangerous, and often involve using Mexican food products such as avocado or menudo, and Drew has occasionally asked if he is confusing a culinary recipe with a home remedy.