Rudyrolling is the process of "playing off" a bad call by drowning them out with playback of a funny/terrible song.  The song is used in a manner comparable to the gong in The Gong Show, and is a method for Anderson to signal his disapproval and that the hosts should move on. Dr. Drew and Psycho Mike usually choose to respect the Rudyroll and immediately hang up on the caller, but they will sometimes overrule Anderson and call for the song to stop so they can continue speaking to the caller. Reasons for getting Rudyrolled include the caller being inattentive, slow to respond, argumentative with the hosts, or lying about their story. The term is derived from the internet prank Rickrolling though it bares little resemblance to it.

The OriginalEdit

The first rudyroll song that inspired the practice was a fan-made remix of Psycho Mike’s spoof ballad, Smoke More Blunts, Lick More Butt.  It started when Mike, in the guise of his character Rudy, fielded a call from a woman who said she performed analingus on her boyfriend, but only when high on marijuana. However she was concerned that the fact that he enjoyed receiving it meant he could be homosexual (based a common myth that the anus is only erogenous for gay men, when it actually has nothing to do with sexual orientation). “Rudy” explained that her boyfriend was definitely not gay and there was no problem with this, declaring “Smoke more blunts, lick more butt.” Mike later composed this phrase into a comedic soft ballad, performed in the guise of Rudy with an acoustic guitar. This inspired a contest for the show, where fans were encouraged to submit remixes of the song. The winning remix was eventually chosen and became the official “Rudyroll” song.

Hiatus and later "Rudyroll" songsEdit

The practice of Rudyrolling was one of many things that got the ax during the Courtside Entertainment Group shift.  In early 2014, Mike and Drew discovered a YouTube video of a "rapper" named Ice JJ Fish performing a song called On The Floor. The singer's warbling, whining, utterly tone-deaf vocals were an instant comedic hit with the hosts and they decided it would become their new Rudyroll song. To date Mike and Drew are not certain if On The Floor was intended as a parody or if the Ice JJ Fish is simply a delusional individual who believes himself to be talented.