Stanley is Anderson's dog who is present every night in the engineer's booth during the broadcast. He is a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix,and his name comes from Anderson's two favorite things: hockey (Stanley Cup) and cinema (Stanley Kubrick).

He is a very well behaved dog, never barking or making any noise during broadcasts. He usually prefers to sit or sleep on a penguin-shaped pillow next to Anderson's chair.

At one point, some unknown person in station management told Anderson that Stanley was no longer allowed in the studio. The reason was never specified, but it was implied the person was a dog-hater who simply used some kind of "health code" excuse to strongarm the issue. After a few days, Anderson eventually found a workaround, buying Stanley a "Service Dog" vest so he could serve as his Emotional Support Animal. Because federal law mandates that service dogs must be allowed anywhere their handler goes with very rare exceptions, Stanley was allowed to return to the studio.

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Stanley the Service Dog