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Stinky Pinky is a word-play game introduced to the show by Psycho Mike. The game consists of a person thinking of a rhyming pair of words, then providing a descriptive clue to everyone present to see if they can guess that word pair. For example, the clue "smelly finger" would correspond to the titular "stinky pinky."

Initially confused as some sort of sexual act due to the context of the show, Mike explained the game to everyone on the show as they were unfamiliar with it. Mike learned the game from his father Dwight, who used to play it with his fellow officers during his shifts at the Pentagon monitoring radar screens. While it is often implied that Dwight invented the game, it actually predates him and is quite old, being documented as far back as the late 1930s, if not further.[1]

During segments on the show when the game is played, it is accompanied by an annoying earworm loop of the sax solo from Run Away by SunStroke Project. Mike introduces the bit by singing along in a goofy falsetto:

Now, it's time to play Stinky Pinky
It's a word game called Stinky Pinky
Everybody in the world, they love Stinky Pinky
Now, it's time to play Stinky Pinky
It's a word game called Stinky Pinky
Everybody in the world, they love Stinky Pinky

The sax loop continues to play in the background during the segment. The clue is given by a caller, and Drew, Mike, and any guests present try to guess the word pair. If those in the studio are stumped, Anderson, Rhune or Ann will offer their answer if they think they know it.

The game was placed on hiatus after the Courtside Entertainment Group shift, but on September 30, 2013 Mike announced that the game would finally be returning, though with certain restrictions in place to avoid some of the problems that occurred before.  The game officially returned on November 17, 2013 with the specification that the game will only be played during designated segments.  Callers are prohibited from trying to call with them during the regular show or trying to slip them in during regular advice calls.


  1. The word pair must be a perfect rhyme, meaning that vowel sounds, sound of the final consonant (if applicable), and stress must be the same, but the articulate before the vowel is different.
  2. The rhyming pair must be two words only, though occasionally hyphenated terms are allowed if they are well known.

Some inconsistently enforced rules are that the two rhyming words must have the exact same number of syllables, that all vowel sounds in the word be the same, and that the clue phrase be only two words as well.

Callers that violate the rules or give very poorly thought-out clues are berated for their incompetence and refused any further comment. Mike in particular often becomes enraged at callers who give terrible clues or word pairs that do not technically rhyme, to the point of threatening several callers with bodily harm (all in good fun of course).

Initially there was conflict about the types of acceptable rhymes. For example, Dr. Drew's first attempt was "type of coffee; designer brand," with the answer being "Java Prada." This is called an assonance rhyme, as Drew is a long time fan of classical literature and poetry. However, Mike and Anderson, who are not exactly the classical types nor have any formal schooling in English, refused to accept this as a "rhyme" and berated Drew for a bad round.

Notable Contributors[]

Several fan callers of the show have contributed on a regular basis and have received praise from the hosts for consistently good rounds.


The top contributor and dubbed "The Queen of Stinky Pinky," Diana calls almost every night the game is played with multiple sets. She is notable for her surprisingly perky and enthusiastic manner (despite it being well after 10PM) and articulate delivery, a rarity among Loveline callers. She usually offers 2-3 sets before offering a "challenge" (a particularly difficult word set). On July 24, 2011, the show invited her to the studio in person, where she did a round of Stinky Pinky live on-air, and remained afterwards to participate in the Loveline After Disaster. It was here that she revealed much of her background. Diana is a native of Pasadena and actually a neighbor of Dr. Drew, though they do not know each other personally. Her father is famous California Attorney General John Van de Kamp, now working in private practice. Her family used to own and operate several bakeries, they currently are part owners of Lawry's Prime Rib, where Diana works in Marketing and in the restaurant. The Frank-Van de Kamp families have been in business together since 1915. In the fall of 2015 during a live audience broadcast, Diana confessed she'd had a huge crush on Mike before he married Bianca, and that her participation in the game was her way of flirting with him in the hopes he'd be interested in her. However, it's not clear to listeners if this was meant as a joke or if she was serious.


A male caller from Chicago.


Another caller from Chicago who heads an effort to get Loveline restored to the local affiliates in that city.